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"Tin" Years of Bay City

It is with pride that Bay City celebrates it's tenth anniversary in Second Life this weekend. On May 8th, 2008 Bay City originally opened for public viewing. One's tenth anniversary is often marked with aluminum or tin, much like the twenty-fifth anniversary is marked with silver and so on. Bay City is one of the most vibrant places to visit within Second Life as it prides itself on community, diversity, and creativity; a true representation of the aspects that makes Second Life so great.

Parade festivities kick off at 12:30pm slt on Sunday, May 20. The parade will take place within the core of Bay City along Route 66 and end at the Bay City Fairgrounds with concerts and auctions following.

Credits Coat: Celoe - Maruca Coat/Dress - Blue (Retired)
Shoes: Salvadori Paris - Jumenta Pumps - Scarlet
Hat: Violetility - Cage Veil Fascinator - White
Necklace: Joyaux de Jacquemin Grey Heirlooms - Double Pearl Strand wt Claps*
Earrings: Joyaux de Jacquemin - Grey Heirlooms - Floral Rub…

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